02.19.13 | Assembly Committee on Workforce Development
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Venue:  State Capitol - 415 NW
Event Time:  10:00AM
Barnes, Mandela
Bernier, Kathy
Best, Richard
Billings, Jill
Brooks, Ed
Cowles, Robert
Farrow, Paul
Foy, Morna
Gudex, Rick
Honadel, Mark
Kissinger, John
Knodl, Dan
Knutson, Janell
Kolste, Deb
Kuglitsch, Mike
Loudenbeck, Amy
Maxwell, Georgia
Newson, Reggie
Pridemore, Don
Ringhand, Janis
Shankland, Katrina
Wachs, Dana
Weatherston, Tom
02.19.13 | Assemby Committee on Workforce Development
Duration: [03:51:00]
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The Assembly Committee on Workforce Development held a public hearing at the state Capitol on February 19, 2013 on Assembly Bill 14, relating to workforce training, granting rule-making authority, and making appropriations and Assembly Bill 15, relating to payment of unemployment insurance benefits under a work-sharing program.