02.12.13 | Assembly Floor Session
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Venue:  State Capitol
Event Time:  1:00PM
Assembly Bill 2 - Extending the Expenditure Period for a Tax Incremental District in the City of Marinette
Assembly Bill 3 - The Exclusion of Veterinarians from the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program
Assembly Joint Resolution 2 - Creation of a Department of Transportation, Transportation Fund, and Deposit of Funds
Assembly Joint Resolution 3 - Turner Syndrome Awareness Month
Assembly Joint Resolution 4 - The Life and Public Service of Felmers O. Chaney
Assembly Joint Resolution 6 - Honoring the Career and Public Service of United States Senator Herbert H. Kohl
Senate Joint Resolution 6 - Modifying the 2013-14 Session Schedule & Extending the Deadline for the Governor's Budget Message
Senate Joint Resolution 7 - The Life and Public Service of John C. Shabaz
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Bewley, Janet
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Jorgensen, Andy
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Vruwink, Amy Sue
Weatherston, Tom
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02.12.13 | Assembly Floor Session
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The Assembly held a floor session at the state Capitol on February 12, 2013 on the following: Assembly Joint Resolution 3, relating to Turner syndrome awareness month; Senate Joint Resolution 6, relating to modifying the session schedule for the 2013-14 biennial session period and extending the deadline for the governor's budget message; Senate Joint Resolution 7, relating to the life and public service of John C. Shabaz; Assembly Joint Resolution 6, relating to honoring the career and public service of United States Senator Herbert H. Kohl; Assembly Joint Resolution 4, relating to the life and public service of Felmers O. Chaney; Assembly Joint Resolution 2, relating to creation of a department of transportation, creation of a transportation fund, and deposit of funds into the transportation fund (second consideration); Assembly Bill 2, relating to extending the expenditure period for a tax incremental district in the city of Marinette; and Assembly Bill 3, relating to the exclusion of veterinarians from the prescription drug monitoring program.