01.30.13 | Assembly Committee on Corrections
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Venue:  State Capitol - 328 NW
Event Time:  10:00AM
Beil, Marty
Brooks, Ed
Cavanaugh, Jule
Jess, Cathy
Krug, Scott
Pasch, Sandy
Roberts, Melissa
Rolston, Stacey
Schraa, Michael
Streveler, Tony
Symdon, Denise
Taylor, Carri
Thiesfeldt, Jeremy
Wall, Ed
Zamarripa, JoCasta
01.30.13 | Assembly Committee on Corrections
Duration: [03:37:41]
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The Assembly Committee on Corrections held an informational hearing at the state Capitol on January 30, 2013. The Department of Corrections provided an overview of the agency for committee members. Following the agency briefing, Wisconsin State Employee Unions Executive Director Marty Beil provided an overview of corrections from the perspective of the workers.