12.27.12 | Newsmakers: Jim Fendry Fights New Gun Laws
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Venue:  Waukesha
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Fendry, Jim
Walters, Steve
12.27.12 | Newsmakers: Jim Fendry Fights New Gun Laws
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Almost two weeks after the Newtown, Conn., elementary school shooting that killed 20 children and six school staff members, veteran Wisconsin gun-rights activist Jim Fendry said in a Newsmakers interview that no new federal or state laws will stop tragedies like that. Fendry, who started lobbying for Wisconsin gun owners in 1980 and who founded the Wisconsin Pro-Gun Movement, also said gun sales have skyrocketed since President Obama took office out of fear that the President will push through new gun-control laws. And, Fendry said, more than 226,000 Wisconsin residents applied for concealed carry weapons permits last year and through Dec. 23 of this year because they don’t want to “be victims.”