12.03.12 | Newsmakers: Prison Reform
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Venue:  WisconsinEye Studio - Madison, WI
Event Time:  1:30PM
Dillard, Jerome
Hancock, Jerry
Haslanger, Phil
Walters, Steve
12.03.12 | Newsmakers: Prison Reform
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Wisconsin had 21,768 prison inmates as of Nov. 30, or more than twice the 9,500 inmates in neighboring Minnesota. On Dec. 3, officials who want a $75-million increase in the prison system's Treatment Alternative Diversion program and who say Wisconsin's prison population could safely be cut to 11,000 by 2015 talked about those goals. Panelists were the Rev. Jerry Hancock, director of the Prison Ministry Project of United Church of Christ; Pastor Phil Haslanger of Memorial United Church of Christ of Madison, and Jerome Dillard, a former prison inmate who is president of Voices Beyond Bars.