02.16.12 | Assembly Floor Session
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Venue:  State Capitol - Assembly Chamber
Event Time:  11:00AM
Assembly Bill 181 - Authorizing Towns to Challenge Certain City or Village Annexation Procedures
Assembly Bill 377 - The Definition of Rough Fish and Taking Rough Fish With a Crossbow
Assembly Bill 383 - The Disposal of Oil Absorbent Materials
Assembly Bill 418 - Agreements to Locate Unclaimed Property Reported to the State Treasurer
Assembly Bill 43 - Removal of Abandoned Dams
Assembly Bill 450 - Participation in Certain Training by Unemployment Insurance Claimants
Assembly Bill 506 - Requiring the Co. Clerk to Organize the First Election of Officers Post-Incorporation of a City
Assembly Joint Resolution 104 - The Life and Public Service of Richard (Dick) Bolender
Assembly Joint Resolution 70 - Recognizing October 6 as German-American Day
Assembly Joint Resolution 74 - The Life and Public Service of Cecil B. Brown, Jr.
Assembly Joint Resolution 76 - Commending the DNR-Division of Forestry & Their Emergency Response Personnel
Assembly Resolution 20 - Proclaiming Catholic Schools Week
Senate Bill 111 - Regulation of Indirect Sources of Air Pollution
Senate Bill 138 - Regulation of Emissions of Hazardous Air Contaminants Associated with Agriculture Waste
Senate Bill 202 - Elimination of Compensatory for Acts of Employment Discrimination
Senate Bill 274 - Regulating Sales of Plastic Bulk Merchandise Containers
Senate Bill 307 - Foreclosure on Abandoned Properties
Senate Bill 356 - Authority of Credit Unions to Make Donations and Grants
Senate Bill 381 - County and Municipal Canvassing Procedures
Senate Bill 391 - The Procedure for the Administrative Dissolution of Corporations
Senate Bill 416 - Adopting Amendments to the Uniform Commercial Code Article 9, Relating to Secured Transactions
Ballweg, Joan
Barca, Peter
Berceau, Terese
Bewley, Janet
Clark, Fred
Coggs, Elizabeth
Craig, David
Danou, Chris
Fischer, Scott
Fitzgerald, Jeff
Hebl, Gary
Hintz, Gordon
Honadel, Mark
Hulsey, Brett
Jorgensen, Andy
Kaufert, Dean
Kessler, Frederick
Mason, Cory
Meyer, Dan
Molepske, Louis, Jr.
Pasch, Sandy
Pocan, Mark
Pope, Sondy
Richards, Jon
Roys, Kelda Helen
Severson, Erik
Sinicki, Christine
Spanbauer, Richard
Stone, Jeffrey
Taylor, Chris
Zepnick, Josh
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02.16.12 | Assembly Floor Session (Part 1 of 2)
Duration: [00:45:28]
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The Wisconsin State Assembly began their floor session on February 16, 2012 at the state Capitol by taking up the following agenda items: Assembly Joint Resolution 70, relating to recognizing October 6th as German-American Day; Assembly Joint Resolution 104, relating to the life and public service of Richard (Dick) Bolender; Assembly Joint Resolution 76, relating to commending the Department of Natural Resources-Division of Forestry and their emergency response personnel; Assembly Joint Resolution 74, relating to the life and public service of Cecil B. Brown, Jr.; and Assembly Resolution 20, relating to proclaiming Catholic Schools Week. The Assembly then recessed for the purpose of partisan caucus.

02.16.12 | Assembly Floor Session (Part 2 of 2)
Duration: [03:38:07]
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Continued coverage of the Assembly floor session on February 16, 2012. During this portion of the session, the Assembly took up the following agenda items: Assembly Bill 43, relating to removal of abandoned dams; Senate Bill 111, relating to the regulation of indirect sources of air pollution and the suspension of a rule promulgated by the Department of Natural Resources; Assembly Bill 181, relating to authorizing towns to challenge certain city or village annexation procedures; Senate Bill 138, relating to the regulation of emissions of hazardous air contaminants associated with agricultural waste and the partial suspension of rules promulgated by the Department of Natural Resources; Senate Bill 274, relating to regulating sales of plastic bulk merchandise containers to scrap plastic dealers and providing penalties; Assembly Bill 377, relating to the definition of rough fish and taking rough fish with a crossbow; Assembly Bill 383, relating to the disposal of oil absorbent materials; Assembly Bill 418, relating to agreements to locate unclaimed property reported to the state treasurer; Assembly Bill 450, relating to participation in certain training by unemployment insurance claimants, granting rule-making authority, and making an appropriation; Senate Bill 381, relating to county and municipal canvassing procedures, provisional ballot information, the deadline for filing a recount petition, terms of town officers, the date of the annual town meeting, and technical revisions to certain election laws; Senate Bill 391, relating to the procedure for the administrative dissolution of corporations; Assembly Bill 506, relating to requiring the county clerk to organize the first election of officers following the incorporation of a city or village; Senate Bill 416, relating to adopting amendments to the Uniform Commercial Code Article 9, relating to secured transactions, recommended by the National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws; Senate Bill 202, relating to elimination of compensatory and punitive damages for acts of employment discrimination or unfair honesty or genetic testing; Senate Bill 307, relating to foreclosure on abandoned properties; and Senate Bill 356, relating to the authority of credit unions to make donations and grants.