02.06.12 | Assembly Committee on Election and Campaign Reform
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Venue:  State Capitol - 328 NW
Event Time:  10:00AM
Assembly Bill 196 - Prohibiting the Promulgation of Certain Rules Concerning Campain Financing by the GAB
Assembly Bill 476 - Canvassing Procedures, Provisional Ballot Information, Filing Recount Petitions
Assembly Bill 481 - Voter Registration at High Schools and Certain Tribal Schools
Assembly Bill 506 - Requiring the Co. Clerk to Organize the First Election of Officers Post-Incorporation of a City
Assembly Bill 525 - Absentee Ballots
Boehme, Alicia
Cerny, Ardis
Hanson, Mary Ann
Heck , Jay
Jaszewski, Brenda
Kaminski, Andrea
Kuharski, Edward
Maddox, Lee
McCabe , Mike
Ott, Jim
Quieto, Mike
Rostan, Jason
Roys, Kelda Helen
Ryan, Jeremy
Stone, Jeffrey
Tauchen, Gary
Walters, Mary Jo
Weininger, Chad
Zamarripa, JoCasta
Zuleger, Chad
02.06.12 | Assembly Committee on Election and Campaign Reform
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The Assembly Committee on Election and Campaign Reform held an executive session at the state Capitol on February 6, 2012 on Assembly Bill 476, relating to county and municipal canvassing procedures, provisional ballot information, the deadline for filing a recount petition, terms of town officers, the date of the annual town meeting, and technical revisions to certain election laws; and Assembly Bill 481, relating to voter registration at high schools and certain tribal schools. Following the executive session, the committee held a public hearing on the following: Assembly Bill 196, relating to prohibiting the promulgation of certain rules concerning campaign financing by the Government Accountability Board; Assembly Bill 525, relating to return of absentee ballots, submittal of proof of identification with absentee ballot applications and voting in person by electors who have voted by absentee ballot in the same election; and Assembly Bill 506, relating to requiring the county clerk to organize the first election of officers following the incorporation of a city or village.