10.19.11 | Assembly Committee on Criminal Justice and Corrections
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Venue:  State Capitol - 300 NE
Event Time:  9:30AM
Assembly Bill 136 - Mandatory Penalties for Crimes Committed Against Children
Assembly Bill 237 - Authorization to Make Arrests for Activities Punishable by Civil Forfeiture
Assembly Bill 239 - Notification Requirements for Persons who Must Register as Sex Offenders
Assembly Bill 246 - Resisting Officer While Armed with or Threatening to Use a Dangerous Weapon
Assembly Bill 263 - Costs Associated with Providing False Information to a Law Enforcement Officer
Brooks, Ed
Collins, Dean
Hebl, Gary
Keckhaver, John
Kessler, Frederick
Kestell, Steve
Kleefisch, Joel
Rossmiller, Dan
Saliscente, Lika
Thompson, Emily
Turner, Robert
10.19.11 | Assembly Committee on Criminal Justice and Corrections
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On October 19, 2011, the Assembly Committee on Criminal Justice and Corrections held an executive session at the state Capitol on the following bills: Assembly Bill 246 and Assembly Bill 263. Following the executive session they held a public hearing on Assembly Bill 136, relating to mandatory minimum sentences and extended supervision eligibility for persons who commit crimes against children; Assembly Bill 237, relating to authorization to make arrests for activities punishable by civil forfeiture; and Assembly Bill 239, relating to notification requirements for persons who must register as sex offenders and who are on school premises.