06.01.11 | Supreme Court Open Administrative Conference
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Venue:  State Capitol
Event Time:  9:00AM
Abrahamson, Shirley
Crooks, Patrick
Gableman, Michael
Kingsland Ziegler, Annette
Prosser, Jr., David
Roggensack, Patience
Walsh Bradley, Ann
06.01.11 | Supreme Court Open Administrative Conference
Duration: [02:10:32]
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On June 1, 2011 the Wisconsin Supreme Court held an open administrative conference at the state Capitol on the following items: Rules Petition 10-08: Petition to Establish a Right to Counsel in Civil Cases; Rules Petition 11-01: Petition for a Voluntary Bar: To amend and/or repeal and recreate SCR Ch. 10; Rules Petition 11-02: Petition to Amend Supreme Court Rule SCR 40.14 Relating to Application; Fees (Electronic Filing of Bar Applications); Rules Petition 10-03: Amendment of Supreme Court Rule 81.02, Compensation of Attorneys Appointed by the Court; Calendar for 2011-12 term; Funding for Children’s Court Improvement Program;and an administrative issue raised by Justice Roggensack— When do four votes move an issue within a case forward, such as a motion, and when do four votes not move an issue forward.