05.12.11 | Assembly Committee on Criminal Justice and Corrections
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Venue:  State Capitol
Event Time:  10:30AM
Assembly Bill 126 - Carrying a Concealed Weapon
Assembly Bill 18 - Collection and Analysis of Motor Vehicle Traffic Stop Information
Assembly Bill 57 - Relating to Certain Controlled Substances and Providing a Penalty
Assembly Bill 86 - Corrections and Sentencing
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Turner, Robert
Wiswell, Jeff
Wolf, Erika
05.12.11 | Assembly Committee on Criminal Justice and Corrections
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On May 12, 2011 the Assembly Committee on Criminal Justice and Corrections met at the state Capitol to hold an executive session on the following items: Assembly Bill 18, relating to collection and analysis of motor vehicle traffic stop information and law enforcement training standards; Assembly Bill 57, relating to certain controlled substances and providing a penalty; and Assembly Bill 86, relating to corrections and sentencing. Immediately following the executive session, the committee held a public hearing on Assembly Bill 126, relating to carrying a concealed weapon.