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Legislative Committees, Floor Sessions and Listening Sessions

03.07.13 | Assembly Floor Session - debate and vote

02.27.13 | Senate Floor Session - debate and vote

02.25.13 | Joint Committee on Finance

02.21.13 | Senate Committee on Workforce Development, Forestry, Mining, and Revenue

02.09.13 | Public Listening Session on Mining

02.06.13 | Assembly Committee on Jobs, Economy and Mining

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News Conferences

03.07.13 | News Conference: Pre-Assembly Floor Session on Mining Legislation

02.25.13 | News Conference: Open-Pit Mining Bill Poll Briefing

02.21.13 | News Conference: Northern Elected Officials on Mining Bills SB 1/AB 1

02.04.13 | News Conference: Democrats React to Proposed Amendments to AB1/SB1

02.04.13 | News Conference: Amendments to Mining Legislation (SB1/AB1)

01.22.13 | News Conference: Sen. Tim Cullen (D-Janesville) on Mining

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