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Tentative Coverage

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WisconsinEye Tentative Coverage [Subject to Change]
Friday - 8/29
Rewind 9:30 AM WisconsinEye Studios - Madison, WI TAPED
Monday - 9/01
AFL-CIO LaborFest with President Barack Obama 12:00 PM Milwaukee TAPED
Tuesday - 9/02
Campaign 2014: Thomas Nelson (LPW) Candidate for Attorney General 10:00 AM Wiseye Studios TAPED
Milwaukee Press Club/Rotary Club of Milwaukee: U.S. Congressman Paul Ryan (R-1st CD) 12:00 PM Milwaukee TAPED
Wednesday - 9/03
Legislative Council Steering Committee for Personal Property Tax 9:00 AM Wisconsin State Capitol - 412 E TAPED
Campaign 2014: Rep. Robin Vos (R) Incumbent Candidate for 63rd Assembly District 10:00 AM WisEye Studios TAPED
Newsmakers: Rural Broadband 1:30 PM WisEye Studios TAPED
Thursday - 9/04
Government Accountability Board Meeting 9:00 AM GAB Offices - Madison, WI TAPED
Supreme Court Oral Argument: State v. Myron C. Dillard 9:45 AM Wisconsin State Capitol TAPED
Supreme Court Oral Argument: Julie A. Augsburger v. Homestead Mutual Insurance Company 10:45 AM Wisconsin State Capitol TAPED
Supreme Court Oral Argument: State v. General Grant Wilson 1:30 PM Wisconsin State Capitol TAPED
Campaign 2014: Susan Happ (D) Candidate for Attorney General 3:00 PM WisEye Studios TAPED
Friday - 9/05
No events scheduled

Coverage is subject to change. The schedule for the following week is posted on this page every Friday and updated throughout the week.

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Taped programs will be available in the Archives or broadcast on cable channels, normally, 1-2 days following the date of the meeting. Live programming will be available in real time on both our cable channels and streaming on our website. In the event of two live programs, one may be broadcast live only on the web.