Tentative Coverage

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WisconsinEye Tentative Coverage [Subject to Change]
Monday - 10/12
Supreme Court Oral Argument: Office of Lawyer Regulation v. Gerald P. Boyle 9:45 AM Wisconsin State Capitol - Madison, WI LIVE
Supreme Court Oral Argument: State of Wisconsin v. Patrick J. Lynch 11:00 AM Wisconsin State Capitol - Madison, WI LIVE
Tuesday - 10/13
Supreme Court Open Administrative and Rules Conference 9:30 AM Wisconsin State Capitol LIVE WEBCAST
Senate Committee on Health and Human Services 10:00 AM 330 SW LIVE
Senate Committee on Labor and Government Reform 1:30 PM 411 South TAPED
Wednesday - 10/14
Assembly Committee on Health 9:00 AM 328 NW LIVE
Assembly Committee on Committee on Natural Resources and Sporting Heritage 11:30 AM 417 North (GAR) LIVE WEBCAST
Thursday - 10/15
Joint Legislative Audit Committee 9:00 AM 417 N GAR LIVE WEBCAST
Assembly Committee on State Affairs and Government Operations 9:30 AM 412 East LIVE
Assembly Committee on Judiciary 11:00 AM 300 NE TAPED
Friday - 10/16
Rewind 11:00 AM WisconsinEye Studios TAPED
Monday - 10/19
No events scheduled

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