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WisconsinEye: Your Window on Civic Wisconsin

WisconsinEye is a statewide multimedia public affairs network. Our mission is to present an independent, statewide view of civic life and public policy discussion, beginning with nonpartisan, gavel-to-gavel coverage of state government in Madison, both on the air and on the Internet.

Our 70 camera positions in the Capitol span all three branches of government - legislative, executive, and judicial. The network's robotic cameras cover floor sessions of the state Senate and Assembly and also legislative committee hearings, all in their entirety. We cover oral arguments in the Wisconsin Supreme Court and events in the Governor's and Attorney General's conference rooms. With our field cameras, we cover news conferences and other events throughout the Capitol as well as other forums where public policy is discussed and debated.

In addition to our cameras in the Capitol, our network operations center in Madison is equipped with state-of-the-art digital studio facilities. Our goal is to serve as an open, independent, and nonpartisan platform for discussion of ideas and action concerning society, culture, and public policy. We operate on the principle of access; access to ideas, access by all Wisconsin to the public square, and public access to decision-makers and others who would influence public policy. Our studio programming features roundtable discussions and interview programs about the many aspects of Wisconsin public life, including Wisconsin books and authors.

Statewide, we're focused on the broad range of activities involving individuals, organizations, and communities working toward a shared concept of the common good. Taken as a whole, this activity constitutes "Civic Wisconsin." It enriches the public life that is the foundation of our democratic society and fosters our representative system of government.

Civic Wisconsin happens everywhere in the state, in every community, in the words and actions of elected officials and government agencies as well as with civic-minded organizations, businesses, and individuals. All are committed to working together toward a better quality of life for ourselves and future generations of Wisconsin residents. WisconsinEye is a window on this vital part of Wisconsin life, helping bring Wisconsin together in shared understanding of both the differences that help define us and our common values and interests.

Civic Wisconsin. It's obviously a big beat but were happy to have the assignment. Like other news organizations, WisconsinEye needs help from our audience to let us know about stories that need to be told. We want to hear about local events and issues of statewide interest. We want to know about communities, businesses, organizations, and individuals making a difference in our civic life. We welcome your story ideas. Please send suggestions and requests for coverage to our Assignment Desk at or fax to WisEye Programming at 608-316-6968.